Rich Flavor. Job Training. Healthy Trade

With Redwood Gospel Coffee, you can enjoy the coffee you crave and provide job training here at the Mission, all without taking advantage of the farmers who grow the beans.

Our unique coffee service gives you control. You can choose your beans. You can choose your roast, your grind and even how you get your coffee. We’ll mail it, we’ll deliver it as part of our church program, or you can come by and pick it up. You can place a one-time order or have a subscription.

You’ll not only love the flavor in your cup, but you’ll also love the fact that your coffee was roasted as part of the Mission’s Coffee Certification Program. This program provides men and women in recovery with the critical skills and confidence they need to enter the work world again.

We are committed to integrity and sustainability both environmentally and economically in our relationships with the farmers we serve. With Redwood Gospel Coffee, you know farmers in the developing world are truly blessed by your coffee subscription. Your coffee subscription supports farmers, families and communities through real relationships and the good prices we pay them.